Tomorrow is a Life Away

Tomorrow is a life away
Must I wait till then
Tomorrow sometimes never comes
For an author’s pen
I close my eyes to see you
Whenever I’m alone
I’m here for you my magic girl
My heart’s your secret home

Ride around the universe
Music fills the air
Find our rainbows end
Climb the coloured stair
Our love is getting stronger
The more we are apart
Waiting for the next time
Kisses melt my heart

Sitting in the darkness
Saying our goodbyes
Smile in close-up now
Flash those sparkling eyes
From girl next door to lover
I’ve fallen for your charm
Waiting for that next dream
When beauty holds my arm

Feelings change in seconds
Pulling us apart
Hold me closer now
The daydreaming’s gonna start
There are so many others
But none love you as much
Goddess of the widescreen
I’m yearning for your touch

Ray Stone 2003

Sitting in the back row on Saturday afternoon in the local picture house with nothing better to do. When I was twenty, I waved to Sophia Loren as I drove past her villa on the Amalfi Road, southern Italy. Sadly she did not wave back so I married someone else.