The Bilderberg Diary

This is the latest novel I am working on. My popular hero, Enda Osin, returns in a mystery thriller involving an important diary that will blow the lid off a deadly plot hatched by some members of the secretive Bilderberg Society. I hope to publish by the end of the year.  


Adam watched Karla through the window until she walked to the end of the road and turned the corner. Nervous, his fingers fidgeted with the edge of the lace curtain, pulling it back an inch or two so he had a clearer vision of the road below in both directions. Across the city, a bell began to chime, joined unceremoniously by a wailing police siren. Two colored umbrellas flapped open below, catching his attention. The light rain that had persisted all afternoon turned heavy, and within a few seconds, the downpour was bouncing off the pavement. Both of the umbrellas unfurled as the women scurried up some steps and stood in an entrance to shield from the rai
It was then that Adam noticed a large dark green car turn the corner to his right. It stopped at the steps leading to his block of apartments. A man, shielding his head from the rain with an attaché case, slammed the door behind himself and headed up the steps. Adam breathed deeply and wished he had left with Karla. He moved swiftly to the apartment entrance door and stood still, listening for any noise in the hallway.
There was a soft ping as the lift doors opened. Adam tensed. Despite the carpeted hall, his ears picked up the sound of soft footsteps. He stood without moving and held his breath.

Suraya Dewing – This is brilliant Raymond! I could see the people, what they were doing and also sense the building tension. Loved it!

Joe Labrum – Wow, when will it be ready. Great tease from my favorite character.