Searching for Inspiration

Although the history of both Malta and Cyprus islands spans thousands of years, it is Cyprus that reveals its story without fanfare. Historical education is more a way of a gradual realization as the new inhabitant merges into the Cypriot way of life and culture; a culture that has grown hand in hand with religion and a mixture of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and British influence. The island has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, and ancient ruins are scattered all over Cyprus, mainly Greek, Roman and Byzantine. After four years I have visited many digs, mostly Roman and two that are still active. There are several others in the planning stage.  

I have been involved in the arts and writing all my life.  Writing locations have been many and varied from family home to small flat and shared accommodation, both in the UK and abroad. When I retired, I decided to move from Washington State, USA to Malta. I had always wanted to live somewhere in the Mediterranean area. Malta, at the western end of the Med, proved too noisy and far too overcrowded, so after two years I moved to Cyprus, the eastern end of the Med. The difference between the two islands has been amazing.

My own introduction into modern Cypriot life commenced shortly after I came to live here. I was sitting next to a pool at a small village hotel when the landlord’s mother, a small woman with the most beautiful smile, came to me and in a soft voice welcomed me to the island and gave me two oranges. This is the traditional way to greet someone into the community. I have never forgotten this courteous gesture. It moved me a lot, and since that moment four years ago, I have come to love the people here and their way of life.

Outside the main cities of Limassol, Nicosia, and Paphos, the island is mainly an agricultural way of life. The people, mostly working class, are hardworking and days start in the early hours to avoid a baking sun in the spring and summer. Most shops and business’ are closed for the afternoon and reopen around four. Although a slow pace of life, the land produces an enormous amount of products including wine, bananas, all kinds of fruit and vegetables and the worlds best olive oil.

As a writer, I have never been as busy as now. Surrounded by an industrious people and living in a warm climate where healthy food remains as mother nature intended, I am continually motivated to write. Whether it be visiting a village or an ancient dig, I am inspired from one day to the next. Roman columns and beautiful mosaic floors fill me with awe. I have leaned on columns and stepped on a Roman villa bath floor, wondering what the person looked like who leaned against the same column and whose footsteps I was following in the bathhouse. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, and I have found an unlimited amount here. Tourists are beginning to flock here each year but mainly to shoreline beaches and the Troodos mountains and forest. I may be a little biased, but although I think the public should visit the historical sites, I hope they do not rush too much at the moment.