Neon City

Ray Stone 2002

Container port club in Grays Thurrock - this was the roughest night club


Down in the depths of this living hell
A mass of writhing thighs
Flashing lights and glitter tights
No one wins a prize
Up on the street the men in black
Are lookin for some trouble
The face behind the counter smiles
Blink once he'll charge you double
Welcome to the Neon City
The music has just begun
Where coke and weed and cocktails
Are all fused into one
Welcome to the Neon City
Fools dance in time to E
And addicts, pimps and losers
Dream and fly in ecstasy
There's a big blonde giving out the drink
Her fingers on the pulse
DJ's talking to himself
Birthday bubbly's false
The noise is crashing off the walls
VIP's are getting high
The singer's playing her new track
There's some stardust in her eye
The man with no socks has just arrived
Handshakes all round, Mr cool
Bongos are tapping out of time
Johnny calls him fool
Pied piper plays and still they come
Dance till he pulls the plug
Into the pit of hell they go
The music is like a drug
Into the night past the midnight hour
Lights dance across the floor
Upstairs the drunks and riff-raff
Stagger through the door
Music plays, it's getting louder
Bleary eyes can't focus
Jack Daniels laughs, he's done his job
The city's full of jokers