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Isia, the girl with a secret, is in love with George, son of shipping magnate Paul Hrisacopolis, who wants to re-ignite civil war on Cyrus. Sensing a chance to party with influential European politicians, Hrisacopoli has offered to transport priceless artifacts from the British Museum on board the flagship of his cruise line.

However, Hrisacopolis’s Turkish shipping agent Ahmet Zeki, who serves two masters as a double agent, is intent on destroying him. And Enda Osin, controversial political columnist for The Herald, gets entangled when he begins to research Hrisacopolis, aided by West Indian art correspondent Jessica Du Rosse. Jessica is beautiful, sophisticated—and half his age—and he’s soon falling in love. An unforgettable cruise!


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Enda Osin, correspondent for the Herald, loves political intrigue. After receiving a strange telephone message he thinks is for someone else, he is quickly embroiled in murder, industrial espionage, and a race against time to prevent the world’s first hyper-speed aircraft from crashing.

He’s soon on the run, with the beautiful Jessica Du Ross and his right-hand man, ‘Fish.’
They must elude authorities in several countries, plus Voss, a Russian agent with orders to kill. In a final double twist, an agent returns to Moscow, Enda sends a gift to the Americans and ‘Fish’ reveals a shocking secret.


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A priceless icon, crucial to the success of a Middle-Eastern peace deal being secretly brokered by America and Russia, has been stolen. Harry Cohen, London desk for Mossad, recruits Raithe Ravelle, a professional thief, who has just been released on appeal. Ravelle has a score to settle—and it’s personal. Harry mentored his daughter Natalie.

The men plan a daring robbery but, after Natalie is kidnapped, they are in a race against time. After a whirlwind chase through several European cities, their search reaches deserted wartime forts in the River Thames, where they face a life-and-death struggle to reach the frightened teenager—and retrieve the treasure in the Trojan Towers.


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Harry Cohen, ‘London Desk’ for Mossad, has found a link that might lead to Russia’s lost Amber Room treasure. With the aid of his trusted agent, former criminal Raithe Ravelle, he must trace the secret route the room travelled and expose an Arab arms-smuggling ring.

Their route is ingenious, originally devised by SS General Wilheim Rienecke. But Moscow is only a step behind, and has hired ex- Stasi agent Heinrich Liebermann to find the Amber Room first—and eliminate Harry and Raithe. From Vladivostok, the trail leads to Moscow and then through Minsk, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin. Nothing is what it seems until the final page.


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I have enjoyed writing all my life. After writing a few Blues lyrics and producing several recordings in conjunction with UK composer SIeven Panter, I became interested in serious poetry. Writing lyrics is, to me, writing poetry. I am telling a story. Most poets will agree that much of their work is a reflection of events and experiences, good and bad, that come from personal memories – check out Blues in Emerald City and No more a Lover. Poems are alive and ageless, and I hope in this, my first book of poetry, you find something to laugh at and something that reminds you of you. Poetry will always remain the one art that I hold close to my heart. It speaks of and about me and is written just for me – but I will share it with you too. I hope you enjoy and I thank you on behalf of all poets who bring much-needed color, serenity, meaning, and beautiful verse around the world.

Angry SIlence by Ray Stone

Message of love or a sad heart
Words that bind us or tear us apart
Beautiful words the pen will create
Words that mend and those that break

Poets create and write from the heart
Their feelings pour forth, no plot from the start
Stories of journeys through life’s moving sand
Stories of a poet living in far-flung land


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This book showcases Ray Stone’s ability to work in many genres from modern to historical eras with tales of sadness, humour, crime, science fiction, and mystery, Already published with four thriller novels and a book of poetry, he continues to write every day of the week. His favourite saying – “It’s not a good story til’ somebody dies.” He loves his readers to write a review.

LITTLE GEMS is a collection of short stories that have been inspired by Ray Stone’s involvement with a New Zealand writing organization for aspiring writers – The Story Mint – that boasts a worldwide membership. Ray was Instrumental in helping to start a unique serial writing project. These serials, each written by ten separate authors from across the globe, have become popular and have helped new and experienced writers to showcase their work. In this book are several “Author Only” serials written solely by Ray Stone plus other works from his personal repertoire. He continues to write daily and is currently writing his next book – a third Enda Osin mystery.