Creativity – is it important?

Is creativity important? Ask any writer frantically juggling work and home commitments with finding time to write and they will say, creativity is as essential as breathing.’

The importance of acknowledging the need to express ourselves creatively was brought home to me when a member of The Story Mint, who had not written for a while, contacted us with a chapter for her story. In her message she wrote, “It feels fantastic to be writing again.”

She went on to explain that until she found time to write she was close to exploding .

The energy that drives us to create is undeniable. If we do not take time to be creative whether it is as a writer or in some other way, something tightens up inside.

Being creative is part of being alive.

The obvious forms of creativity are in the arts but there are many forms of creativity – a setting up a new business is intensely creative for example.

Thomas Merton says, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Any project that takes us into another world where we find new truths and discover new insights is a creative process.

“To send light into the darkness of men’s [and women’s] hearts – such is the duty of the artist,” says the great composer Robert Schumann.*

Artistic expression is the engine that drives creativity and what we produce can lighten a saddened heart or reveal a truth others had not considered.

This is the absolute importance of creativity…it challenges and informs. The reason our writer from The Story Mint thought she was going to burst if she didn’t write was because something within her demanded expression. If left ignored, that need would have mutated.

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his [her] life, every quality of his [her] mind, is written large in his [her] works.” Virginia Woolf.*

And why does no expression of creativity exactly copy someone else’s? Because every person’s stories is unique. The way we express that story is also unique and because of that every story lights up a part of the world in a special way. Our creativity is our link to the past and our vision of the future. We intuitively tap into that when we express ourselves creatively.

Sometimes finding time to write is really difficult. Life takes over and fills the days. However, this is what I do… I allocate a day (Sunday in my case) for writing and I do nothing else. That way, my brain switches over from work mode to writing and all distractions are parked to one side.

Do you think creativity is important?

Suraya Dewing
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

The Story Mint