About Ray Stone

Hi there,

I’m Ray Stone, an English ex-pat living in Cyprus. I’ve been on Cyprus for several years and have published four thriller crime novels and a book of poetry. I share a small villa up in the hills with my good friend and fellow photographer Kimber, along with two dogs and a cat. We are surrounded by orange and olive groves, almond trees and vineyards, near a small village named Giolou – pronounced Yar-loo – in the Paphos district.

I’m retired from a life of landscaping – I had a business in Washington State for fifteen years designing, building, and maintaining Rose gardens. I am also a professional photographer with over three thousand pictures on Shutterstock.

I love writing in many genres, particularly Victorian in Dickens-style, and modern crime thrillers. My current work project is a collection of short stories that will be published in the northern hemisphere Spring of 2019.

My interest in writing crime stems from periods in my early youth and middle age when I worked in light entertainment and cabaret-style night clubs. In the course of that work, I rubbed shoulders with criminal classes and the wealthy high-society set, both famous and infamous characters.

My interest in Victorian drama started through my father, who taught me to read at an early age. A keen reader of Dickens, he kept a complete set of Dickens novels, and before I was eleven, I was reading “Great Expectations.” In my latest collection, I have written two short stories from that era which to my gratitude have received a lot of praise from fellow authors.

I have experienced a lot of drama, heartache, and disappointment in life. On the plus side, I have found much happiness and interest in the kaleidoscope of experiences afforded me through work. I have traveled and lived in a number of places, meeting people from a variety of global cultures.

I hope you enjoy my stories. There are many still to come. Happy reading.

Ray Stone