I have enjoyed writing all my life.

Poems are alive and ageless, and I hope in this, my second book of poetry, you find something to laugh at and something that reminds you of you. Poetry will always remain the one art that I hold close to my heart. It speaks of and about me and is written just for me – but I will share it with you too. I hope you enjoy and I thank you on behalf of Gabrielle Burt and myself and all poets who bring much-needed color, serenity, meaning, and beautiful verse around the world.

Gabrielle Burt is a poet from New Zealand who writes poetry from personal experiences and feelings like myself. Her verse is sometimes amusing, sometimes sad, and sometimes haunting.

Involved in film-making and writing short stories and novels, her work is recognised by fellow artists. This is her first shared publication in poetry and I wish her success and look forward to reading future work.