I have enjoyed writing all my life.

After writing a few Blues lyrics and producing several recordings in conjunction with UK composer SIeven Panter, I became interested in serious poetry. Writing lyrics is, to me, writing poetry; it is telling a story.

Most poets will agree that much of their work is a reflection of events and experiences, good and bad, that come from personal memories.

For some of mine, check out Blues in Emerald City and No more a Lover.

Poems are alive and ageless, and I hope in this, my first book of poetry, you find something to laugh at and something that reminds you of you. Poetry will always remain the one art that I hold close to my heart. It speaks of and about me and is written just for me – but I will share it with you too. I hope you enjoy and I thank you on behalf of all poets who bring much-needed color, serenity, meaning, and beautiful verse around the world.

Angry Silence: Poetry by Ray Stone

Well done Mr. Stone! My favorite writing might be “Freedom’s Symbol” because Haiku is rare these days and it reminded me that such life as he described is right outside my window, something I often forget. Thank you, Mr. Stone, for a delightful read that brought much to my imagination to dwell on!” – Mzpete

Angry Silence. Click HERE to find it on Amazon.